Zoe Wong




The collection is inspired by an iconic collection of photographs by Grey Villet from 1966.The photos first appeared in LIFE magazine along with a story entitled ‘The Crimes of Being Married’. It told the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, and inter-racial couple expelled from their home state in Virginia, USA for breaking the states miscegenation statutes. A court case concerning the couple’s plight became a landmark case in the Civil Rights movement and they were hailed as figureheads for that movement.
Villet’s photographs reveal a close couple who did not choose that role but nevertheless maintained a dignified calm despite the public intrusion into their private love affair. The clothes are inspired by Villet’s photographs of the Loving’s, channelling their sense of style and presence in simple, yet modern shapes.The monochromatic palette echoes the racial divide and the ‘Black or White’ attitudes of the day. Chiffon, crepe, cotton and Japanese triacetate are combined in sympathetic yet unexpected ways.